Interviews for the final class

This is a post by Hakim:

Strict and careful interviews have been done. The interviews aimed to get a solid group of 12 students who are motivated and well interested people about web programming, but also to select the students who already have an idea on how to use computers, as these kind of people fit better to develop their basic computer career. The interviews started with the first two groups that Salum started with at the beginning of November, and then followed by the recent Zanzibits graduates. All of them are showing a great curiosity and are eager to join the Zanzicode web programming.

So we are very happy that 28 students took the interview, however we had to select 12 of them to form the final class. (This group of students will introduce themselves in the next blog post.)

As soon as the desired group was obtained the official lesson was kicked off, which is going on for 2 weeks now. Class is held daily from Monday to Friday from 9am until 12am. The presence of the students is monitored very strictly. The group is very well motivated and showing good impression with the subjects.

Another good news is that now, Zanzicode has got some more Acer laptops. It took almost 3 weeks to purchase them. We now got 4 new Acer Aspire 5336 15”, re-installed with Ubuntu operating system family that work fine especially for programming. All of them have 2GB RAM memory. Additionally we got a 15” Acer Extensa and a 12” Toshiba Satellite. So in total Zanzicode now has 10 laptops. With 2 students that bring their own laptop, we are lucky that every students now can work on his/her on own machine.

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