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The 2nd class of 2010 has started!

This is a post by Hakim, the newest addition to our team in Zanzibar:

Cheers good going! The Zanzicode is happy to deliver the news that second course has started in the beginning of November with new people of total of 18 students. Until this time every thing seem to run very smoothely, great! This year is fantastic, more people are interested and and showing hard work. The bigger group has been divided into two sessions, the early morning session and later session, each group comprises 9 students.

HTML and some introductions to computer has been underway as the first hand lesson to kickstart with.

My brother has allowed me to take with me his laptop for practices“, says Safiya, one of the current students. This manifests good picture of the current course. Salum, who is the lecturer, will teach from HTML and CSS, and later will jump to PHP and MySQL.

all the best,

ps: this is a picture of one of the two new groups (more pictures on Flickr):

Donation by the Leo Club St. Pölten

Leo Club St. Pölten Thanks to the generous donation of € 3590,- by the Leo Club St.Pölten, the next 6-month iteration of the Zanzicode basic course is secured. The Leo Club St. Pölten is a non-profit organisation which supports social projects, usually with a regional focus in Lower Austria, Austria; with Zanzicode, they are assisting a project in a foreign country for the first time. With the help of the donation, we have the means to continue our work in Zanzibar and to steadily move our project forward. Thanks a lot, Leo Club — your help is most appreciated!

Here’s a picture of the chairman Florian Sturm receiving the donation in the form of the classic oversized cheque from Leo Club St. Pölten chairwoman Maria Propst in Vienna, Austria (two more pictures on Flickr): chairman Florian Sturm receives the donation cheque from Leo Club St. Pölten chairwoman Maria Propst

Zanzicode Incubator Course to be started beginning of 2011 is happy to announce that we are about to start a second course within our Zanzicode project. The Incubator Course – a joint venture of with Chembe Ventures – will run in parallel to our initial initiative, which we will refer to as Basic Course from now on.

The aim of the program is to provide talented young would-be entrepreneurs with the tools they need to launch and maintain their own web ventures.

Here is the Incubator Course description as stated on the Zanzicode website:

The 12 month Incubator Course measures up to the entrepreneurial spirit of graduates of the Basic Course. Strong programming skills and the goal to set up an own real world online business are prerequisites for this course. Students are guided through the process of realizing a business, from the idea to the running software and the working micro enterprise. We also stick to Open Source Software, but we optionally switch to Java and Google technologies as industrial standards. After the course the students will be owners of their own business. The course hosts 4 students.

Having conversations with our graduates and students, we got excellent feedback about their progress within the web development community in Zanzibar. The most rewarding statements for us are that graduates are working in the software industry and are keen to move on with their skills. They are searching for ways to educate themselves further. So the idea of an advanced course came up. We proposed approaches and got the commitment from possible future students.

After the experiences we gained so far, we agreed that the students should work on one big ongoing project during the course. The discussion with Sean Murphy (We got to know him at Africa Gathering April 2009 in London) led to the resolution that the best idea would be that students should not only develop plain software solutions, but also business models around the software and then eventually – at the end of the course – become business owners and run their venture. Sean offered to substantially fund this course through the company he is running, Chembe Ventures, which is specialized in seed funding and organizing tech events for African IT startups.

So after successfully acquiring complementary funding, the budget is set and the agreement with Chembe Ventures is signed. We are hereby going to the public and are very happy to announce this.

We are open for applications for this course via office (AT) and are happy to send out detailed informations upon request. Applicants should not hesitate to call Salum Rashid (Zanzicode Lecturer) on his Zantel line: +255 777 755443 to get the details in Swahili.

Zanzicode Logo

Welcome to Zanzicode

Zanzicode is a project lead by the Austria based NGO We provide free education in the field of Web Development to a small number of talented and motivated students of poor background in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Our goal is to help build the personal careers of our graduates as well as to kickstart a local web development community.

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